About Us

We (Laura Rekkerth and Josh Stratton) created Beckhorn Prints in 2019, when we traveled 5 hours to the Adirondacks almost every weekend.  We became some-what known as "locals" in our favorite coffee shop and diner in Keene Valley. We love to run on the trails, roads, bike, and adventure in the mountains. We tend to go paths less traveled and come up with interesting routes at any odd hour of the day or night. We usually don't care how many hours or how many miles it will be - usually just try to finish in time for an Old Mountain Coffee, or Noonmark dinner. 

Beckhorn Prints was dreamed up as we hiked into the Dix Range. Josh had always raved about the Beckhorn summit before you reach Dix. It was Laura’s first time to do the range and as we hiked in, we thought about all the designs we could create inspired by the high peaks. We could create unique, adventure, and challenge inspired designs inspired by our favorite people, athletes, trails, and mountains.

After we finished, we thought about what we would call ourselves. To us, the Beckhorn was by far the coolest feature of the Dix range. It's also a super cool name, and thought it'd be perfect for our shop. Beckhorn Prints was born November 2019 - after we hiked the Dix Range for the 2nd time, which completed Laura's 46 on Grace. 

This has since grown into something a bit more. Creating designs inspired by not only the Adirondacks but all kinds of East coast trails, mountains, and adventures.